Place Study: Bottle and Barlow

Bottle and Barlow

by Catherine Warmerdam
Photography by Jason Sinn

“A barbershop bar was something I’d wanted to do for a really long time,” says Sacramento interior designer Whitney Johnson, who brought the idea to Anthony Giannotti, a close friend who just happens to be the city’s It barber. Giannotti partnered with veteran bartender Jayson Wilde to get the project off the ground, hiring Johnson to design Bottle & Barlow, located on the ground floor of downtown’s Warehouse Artist Lofts. “We wanted it really classic, really clean,” says Johnson, who researched hotel bars as a reference point. “It’s about keeping it very simple and letting the product and the people speak for the space. It’s definitely more mature than what people might have expected us to do.”

Bottle and Barlow

Please click here for more information about Bottle & Barlow.

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