Seeing LEDs in a New Light

Marimba LED Pendant

by Catherine Warmerdam

THERE WAS A TIME when LEDs were all about function with little regard to form. In other words, great for saving energy but not much to look at. Thankfully, that’s all changed. Advancements in lighting technology and design mean you no longer have to sacrifice good looks for energy efficiency. Unleashed from having to design fixtures around the common incandescent bulb, today’s lighting designers are creating imaginative new forms for illuminating spaces, as evidenced by these elegant pendants, all available at Lumens Light + Living.

Corona LED Light Pendant
Corona LED Pendant by Sonneman in satin black, from $590

How to shop for lighting

“Lighting can be really tricky because it is a design element but it also has to be functional,” says Joyce Wolfe, showroom manager at Lumens Light + Living. She offers these bright ideas when shopping for lighting for your home.

DON’T GO IT ALONE. “Find a local lighting professional who can help you,” Wolfe says. A good lighting expert knows the product lines well and can steer you away from fixtures that won’t work for your space. “It’s really about problem solving, not just finding a fixture that’s on trend.”

Icaro Ball Light Pendant
Icaro Ball Pendant by Brian Rasmussen for ModoLuce in natural finish, from $1350

FUNCTION FIRST. “Think about how you use the space you’re trying to light. Do you read in that corner? Is something on display there? Are you trying to preserve a view through a window?” Consider the function of the space before you shop.

PICTURE, PLEASE. Bring a photograph of your space to the lighting store. “It’s helpful not only for the lighting expert to envision where the light will go but also gives them a window into your personal style.”

Tri LED Light Pendant
Tri LED Pendant by Resident, $2,395

GOOD MEASURE. Before shopping, write down the room dimensions and ceiling height of the space you’re trying to light. “The light’s proportion to a room is important.” If the fixture will go above a table, note the size of the table, too.

Featured Image: Marimba LED Pendant by Modern Forms in a dark bronze with gold leaf, from $659.

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