Postcard Mexico City Getaway

Mexico City Getaway

Mexico City Getaway.

A pair of Sacramento architects might seem like an unlikely choice for a project in Mexico City. But Pam Whitehead and Paul Almond had already wowed the client with a house they’d designed for his brother on Folsom Lake. Known for their unwavering commitment to modern architecture, the husband-and-wife team designed a house that is like a small boutique hotel: chic, luxurious and ultra private.

By Marybeth Bizjak

THE PROJECT: Design a house in the heart of Mexico City that can do double duty as a family home and a place to entertain.

THE CLIENT: An American who splits his time between the United States and Mexico, working as a recording manager for Latin American artists.

THE ARCHITECTS: Pam Whitehead and Paul Almond, Sage Architecture, Sacramento.

Kitchen Getaway

This Mexico City kitchen is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows.

Living Room Getaway

This Mexico City living room has it all. A retractable sliding door allows the room to become outdoor.

Modern Entrance

A modern entrance to this Mexico City getaway.

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