Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot Ginger Elizabeth

Ginger Elizabeth's new boutique location in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood.

WHEN CHOCOLATIER GINGER HAHN decided to open a new boutique in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood, she knew just who to call to design the shop: Rob Zinn, who years ago helped design the Ginger Elizabeth flagship store in Sacramento, and Anna Pavao Zinn, both from the design firm blankblank.

What was Hahn’s vision for the storefront? “I wanted something contemporary with a twist of extremely traditional pieces—something that felt warm and sleek at the same time,” she says. With pink walls, reclaimed-wood floors and ornate cabinetry, the designers achieved a space that Rob describes as “female, French, modern and comfortable. As a man walking in there, I love it.” The lengthy design process “was really dynamic and definitely a team effort,” says Rob. “Ginger really wanted something unique, and she got it.”

3108 Fillmore St., San Francisco
(415)671-7113 • gingerelizabeth.com

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