Bounty and the Beast

Photography Courtesy of Beast + Bounty
beast + bounty

BEAST + BOUNTY, the hot new restaurant in Sacramento’s Ice Blocks development, has been getting rave reviews for its look as well as its food. Michael Hargis, B+B’s owner, handled the design himself, selecting everything from the gold flatware on the tables to the cheeky art photo of a man masquerading as Queen Elizabeth in the entry. Interior designer Nancy Pape came away impressed from a recent visit to the eatery. “It’s designed but not overdesigned,” she said. “It feels so fresh. I love it.” Here, Pape shares her impressions of B+B’s design.

Pink glassware: Ikea
Matte-gold flatware: Cutipol
Dishware: Alexandria
Cummings Ceramics
Light fixtures: Scout Living Lumens Light + Living

1 Pape noted the orb motif, repeated in the round mirrors, the circular wall sconces behind the bar and the bare light bulbs hanging over a row of tables. “They’ve been very consistent in their use of orbs.”

2 The traditional wood wainscoting, with its recessed panels and ogee-edge detail, “is like something you’d see in a library,” Pape said.

3 The illumination is cozy and indirect. “There’s a lot of lighting, but it’s not glaring. I don’t feel like ‘Where were you on the night of the 23rd?’”

4 “Everything is very fashionable: the bleached-oak herringbone wood floor, the tile backsplash, the gold flatware.”

5 Dining chairs are upholstered in a handsome gray wool-blend flannel. “I’ve used wool flannel my whole career. It’s not in style, but it’s never out.”

7 While masculine, the restaurant features several pops of pink, from the pale pink glassware to the peachy-pink leather banquette seat backs. “This is a very soft pink—almost shell pink.”

6 Furniture maker Steven Tiller built the white-oak tables and banquettes; he even made the leather seat backs after teaching himself to sew. Pape noted the leather straps and buckles with approval: “Very Ralph Lauren.”

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