Editor’s Note Summer 2019

Photo by Christie Spencer
editor's note summer 2019

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE, and not a moment too soon. After a cold, rainy spring, it feels good to finally see the sun again. No matter how old I get, summer reminds me of my childhood, when rules were relaxed and the school-year schedule got tossed out the window. As an adult, I now have year-round responsibilities, but I still welcome the freedom of summer. It’s a time to play outdoors, sit by the pool, wear flip-flops, eat dinner on the patio and stay up later. The living truly is easier.

In this issue, we show you how Lisa Thibodeau, a flower grower in Loomis, welcomes summer with a big outdoor party at her flower farm. She has an easygoing style that will bring a smile to your face—and may just inspire you to host a summer party of your own.

Whatever you’re up to this summer, I hope you do it with a light heart. Enjoy the season!

Marybeth Bizjak

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