Bricked Out


“I love the idea of doing something fun but functional,” says David Tracy, the creative mind behind KitCo, a line of build-your-own tabletop lamps made from LEGO-compatible plastic bricks.

But these whimsical lamps aren’t exactly child’s play. At 10½ inches tall, each lamp is made with more than 2,200 bricks and takes several hours to assemble, even for experienced builders. “I think they’re a great gift for kids, but I really designed them with adults in mind,” says Tracy. “They are great for people who like board games, puzzles, Sodoku and, of course, people who grew up with or still enjoy LEGOs. The kits are designed to be as much fun to build as they are to display and show off.”

Tracy, a Sacramento native who is about to graduate from business school at the University of Chicago, has been experimenting with the bricks as an art form for years. His work has been exhibited at LEGO’s factory in Hungary and at Google SF.

Why a lamp? “Not everyone has the budget or space in their home for a sculpture, but everyone has space for a lamp,” he explains. Plus, building with bricks is just plain fun. “They are bright and colorful and loaded with nostalgia.”

The KitCo lamps are currently sold online at and locally at Archival Gallery (3223 Folsom Blvd.)

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